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Natalie Paige Bentley 

NPB Entertainment Group

Natalie Paige Bentley is an award-winning filmmaker, actress, and writer. Bentley's most recent success has been the digital release of her award-winning short film, "The Mermaid," written, directed, produced, and starring Bentley. "The Mermaid" has been awarded over 16 awards for her production, direction, and viral success, including over 4 million views on YouTube. Her success with "The Mermaid" led to the inspiration behind the "Dark Tides" television series created by Bentley.

Bentley's journey in cinema began with her feature film debut in "Butterfly Angels," which received the Independent Achievement Award from NYIFF and experienced international festival circuit success, marking the commencement of a notable career. Her impressive body of work includes additional award-winning short films and a feature film, "City of Motherly Love," which had a theatrical release. Bentley's artistic journey continues to evolve, leading her to explore diverse avenues, from capturing the world of equitation to branching out as a multimedia artist, captivating audiences with her  unwavering dedication to her craft.

Natalie Paige Bentley

Her work as a recording artist, including her pseudonym, Trillium Vein, was the embodiment of her artistry, combining her work as an accomplished filmmaker, actress, and published author.  ​Bentley has directed and produced numerous award-winning music videos for various artists under her production company, NPB Entertainment Group. She was awarded the Tesla Spirit Presidents Award from the Nikola Tesla Foundation for her screenplay, "KATHERINE TO TESLA, FAITHFULLY YOURS." Additionally, "Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours" placed in the top ten for ScreenCraft's Public Domain, Capital Funds Hot 100 list a finalist in Atlanta screenplay awards and New York's Metropolitan Screenwriting competition. Her TV pilot script for her "Dark Tides" scripted series was an award winner in the Moondance International Film Festival. 

Awards & Nominations:

*2022  1st Place - Best TV Pilot - Wild Bunch FIlm Festival - "Bad Hand"
*2021 Best Short - Vegas Movie Awards - "The Mermaid"

*2020 Top 5 Finalist UK Film Film Festival Screenwriting - "Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours"

*2020 Top 10 Finalist Cinequest Film Festival Screenwriting - "Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours"
*2019 Winner TV Pilot, Moondance International Film Festival - "La Sirena"
*2019 Winner - Pitch Now Screenwriting competition - Historical  -"Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours"
*2019 Honorable Mention for Top 10 Finalist ScreenCraft Public Domain competition - "Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours"
*2019 Finalist Atlanta Screenplay Awards - "Katharine to Tesla Faithfully Yours" & "La Sirena"
*2019 Hot 100 list - Capital Fund Screenplay competition -"Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours"
*2019 Los Angeles Film Awards -"The Mermaid" (short film ) 
*2019 Los Angeles Film Awards - Semi Finalist  -"Amaurotic" (music video film ) 
*2019 Big Apple Film Festival - Semi Finalist  -"Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours" screenplay 
*2019 Finalist - Screenplay Festival - CA "Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours"
*2019 Semi-finalist - New York Metropolitan Screenwriting competition -"Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours"
*2019 Winner - New York Screenplay -"Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours"
*2019 Indie Short Fest - Best Fantasy nomination - The Mermaid 
*2019 Semi Finalist - Los Angeles Film Awards - Music Video - AMAUROTIC


*2018 TELLY Awards

     -Silver & Bronze  The Mermaid  

    - Silver & Bronze D. C. Aquilante Live Edge

*2018 HERMES Awards

     -Platinum, YouTube Video The Mermaid   

    - Platinum, Entertainment Video, The Mermaid

    -Gold, Corporate Image Video, D. C. Aquilante Live Edge

*2018 MUSE Awards

     -Platinum, Gold & Rose Gold, Film, Drama & Viral Video for The Mermaid   

    - Platinum, Gold & Rose Gold for, Branding, Company Branding & How-to Video 

       D. C. Aquilante Live Edge

*2018 AVA Digital Awards

   -2 Platinum for D. C. Aquilante Live Edge

   -2 Gold for The Mermaid 

*Tesla Presidential Spirit Award - "Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours" screenplay

*Independent Music Award Nominee
*Finalists for ForeWord Book of the Year for Trillium Vein's Once Upon a Time Storybook
*Domtar Print Award for Trillium Vein Once Upon a Time music storybook
*Music Video rotation on MTV2, Fuse TV on  demand, &, Jannus Music Channel, Live
*365Women of Substance Radio
*Independent Achievement Award from NYIFF
*Nominations for Best Actress from IFCT festival and Best Short Film from both IFCT & NYIIFF





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