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Extreme Offshore Fishing Tips & Tricks | Tormenter Ocean

Extreme Offshore Fishing Tips & Tricks | Tormenter Ocean

Extreme Offshore Fishing Tips & Tricks | Tormenter Ocean JOIN OUR CHANNEL HERE AT TORMENTER TACKLE! Our Trailer is meant to give you a fast glimpse of what you might see in many of our episodes…. Live, Fun, and Entertaining Action with Tutorials added to help improve your success! ▼ Tormenter “Key Largo” Series Performance Shirts: ▼ Tormenter “St Croix” Ladies’ V-Necks - ▼ Find all Freaky Bird Chain - ▼ Find all Tormenter Products - Tormenter Fishing Tackle | Fishing Apparel | Performance Apparel – ▼ Book a stay at Rosie’s in Grand Cay Bahamas – Call him on WhatsApp at 242-727-6051 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ABOUT TORMENTER ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Founded in 2004 by lifelong Waterman, Professional Fisherman, and former Yacht Designer Dave Adams, Tormenter has been producing and distributing Offshore Fishing Tackle and Apparel since 2004 and it is now found in retailers in 31 Countries! CEO Dave Adams has made it his mission to help anglers from all over by providing the absolute best and most reliable offshore lures/rigs, and performance apparel at the most affordable prices anywhere. Tormenter has been providing tutorials for catching different species of fish using different methods for a long time. We are now trying to bring you these tutorials wrapped up in an entertaining format. ► Click Here to Subscribe → @tormentertackle ► Website → ▼ Tormenter Social Media: • Instagram → @Tormenter_Ocean TikTok → @tormenterocean • Tag us on social media: @Tormenter_Ocean ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ TORMENTER PRODUCTS ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▼ APPAREL: ○ Board Shorts – Men’s → Men's Board Shorts | ○ Performance Shirts – Men’s → Men's SPF Shirts | ○ “Bermuda” Shorts – Ladies’ → Women's Bermuda Yachting Shorts | ○ “Bermuda” Performance Shirts – Ladies’ → Women's Tops | ○ “St Croix” Performance Shirts – Ladies’ → St. Croix Performance V-necks | ○ Leggings & Sports Bras → Women's Leggings & Sports Bras | ○ Lifestyle T-Shirts → Men's T-shirts | ○ Hats → Men's Hats & Visors | ○ Face Shields / Neck Scarves → Neck & Face Covers | ▼ FISHING TACKLE: #tormenterocean #fishing #youtuber #subscribe #youtubechannel #fishinglife #explore #tiktok #viral #FYP
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